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Optum Claims Data

Integrating and linking deep patient data from multiple real-world sources helps clarify market dynamics.

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Features and Benefits

Mining the right data is essential to understanding brand performance — both yours and that of competitors. Optum® Clinformatics® Data Mart offers more richly detailed longitudinal information — faster — than any other product on the market.

With this powerful data set, you'll have the information you need right at your fingertips to perform analysis critical to your organization business goals and product development.

Patient linked data is the key to success

Our claims data is more than just administrative in nature. Our data warehouse leverages anonymized patient data from six sources. 

These assets include member data, medical claims data, pharmacy claims data, lab test results data, inpatient confinement data and provider data.

Gain insight into real-world product use

Our data help you gain insight into how products are used in the uncontrolled setting of actual practice — and to what success. You can also compare product performance endpoints across therapies and markets. 

Data views that go beyond traditional claims

Optum provides additional data views that can be linked or integrated for greater clarity into the markets in which your products compete. 

These additional views include electronic health record (EHR) data, five-digit ZIP code data, socioeconomic data and data based on the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership model.