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Dynamic Assessment of Pregnancies and Infants

Help answer questions about maternal and infant health

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Understanding maternal health outcomes

Critical to ensuring the well-being of both pregnant women and babies is an understanding of how various medications may affect them. Yet evidence can be difficult to find. Optum® Dynamic Assessment of Pregnancies and Infants (DAPI) identifies pregnancies and links women to their infants’ health data to answer questions about maternal health.

The resulting linkage allows Optum epidemiologists to track drug and vaccines exposure before and during pregnancy and link the exposures to infants in utero. We examine these exposures in relation to pregnancy and infant health outcomes.

Linking women and their infants' health data



Leverage a growing data set

Our database includes about 200,000 pregnancies per calendar year.


Help patients and providers make decisions

Tap into our connected claims and medical records databases to contribute to public health knowledge.


Support regulatory agencies

Meet regulatory standards and requests for drug labeling.

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Work with us

Collaborate with Optum Epidemiology to determine the safety of drugs and vaccines when used during pregnancy

Resource library

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Fact sheet

Understanding the health of women and babies

Explore a broader view of maternal and infant health.

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Optum Life Sciences Epidemiology

Optum Epidemiology overview

Learn how Optum Epidemiology informs public heath and drives clinical decisions.

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Optum Life Sciences: Optum Patient Profiles

Studying impacts of treatments on pregnancy

When ‘Is it safe for me?’ changes to ‘Is it safe for us?’

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Additional resources

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Partner with Our Epidemiology Consultants

Advance public health and safety with our trusted experts and data.

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Gain Greater Insights Through Clinicogenomics

Better understand diseases and drug development opportunities.

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Strengthen Your Value Story with HEOR

Tap into our expertise in health economics and outcomes research.