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Case study: Surgical Management Solutions

A look inside surgical spending reveals thousands of cost-saving opportunities.

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The innovator’s guide to surgical savings

When faced with a surgical procedure, most people are unprepared to navigate the system. They have no reference points for cost, quality or the downstream health impact that comes from avoiding surgery.

In this case study, see how Surgical Management Solutions was able to:

  • Generate quality and cost comparisons for more than 5,700 different procedures
  • Assemble a national network of ambulatory surgical centers
  • Create an alliance of more than 10,000 physicians
  • Develop a consumer advocacy program that reaches more than 1.2 million members
  • Package the service as an add-on to existing employer benefit programs
  • Reduce the cost of surgical spend for these procedures by 50%

Learn how this industry innovator cracked the surgical codes to save millions.

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