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Avasant Healthcare Payor Digital Services

2022–2023 RadarView

Avasant's annual RadarView report helps healthcare payors craft a robust strategy for digital transformation based on industry outlook and best practices.

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Optum is proud to be recognized as a leader

Analyst insights include:

  • Practice maturity
  • Investments and innovation
  • Partner ecosystem

Case studies showed that Optum:

  • Reduced client spend for opioid use disorder (OUD) by 15% 
  • Reduced residential admissions by 41%
  • Increased savings by $42 million 
  • Achieved accuracy rate of 98%
  • Recovered $51 million since the inception
  • Redirected 41% of members to lower cost in-network services 
  • Increased cost savings
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What the analysts are saying

“Optum is leading the healthcare payor space through its dedicated, domain-centric workforce and digitally advanced offerings,” said Pooja Chopra, research leader for Avasant.

“Optum has built a robust product portfolio including solutions such as Clinical Analytics for preventive care and its Rally platform for providing personalized experiences to members. Additionally, its strategic acquisitions and investments in Optum Ventures have helped Optum develop innovative solutions.”

“A mature and specialized healthcare practice in combination with an innovation-led approach has placed Optum as a leader in Avasant’s Healthcare Payor Digital Services 2022–2023 RadarView,” Chopra added.

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