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A collection of mini success stories

Patient-centered growth for your organization

Read how to expand your reach through consumer marketing.


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15 ideas to help expand your market share

To thrive in today’s health care environment, organizations need to constantly expand their footprint through various growth strategies. But growth is not easy, and the shift to consumerism is making it even harder.

Health care marketers recognize these challenges and are taking steps to pique consumer interest and remain competitive in their market. Download the collection to read 15 stories of how Optum has helped organizations grow their patient base with Consumer Acquisition Services.

Each story shares the value that patient-centered marketing can bring, including increases in:

  • Primary care visits
  • Revenue from specialty campaigns
  • Orthopedic revenue
  • Wellness visits
  • Patient panel lifetime value
  • Emergency care

To learn about the key to care coordination complete the form to download.

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Complete the form to download the stories and learn how other health systems are achieving market growth.

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