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Missing pieces in the patient journey puzzle

Clinicogenomic data, unstructured data and novel clinical trials solutions can all contribute to completing the view of the patient journey.

 November 21, 2022 | 54 minutes

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Reimagining patient journeys

Life sciences leaders are continuously looking for ways to build out more complete views of patient journeys. Eze Abosi, vice president of new products at Optum Life Sciences, talks with Karim Galil, CEO of Mendel.ai, about the new opportunities for increasing visibility and insight. In this podcast episode, they discuss:

  • Combining phenotypic and genotypic data, along with incorporating clinical and claims data beyond the oncology setting to assess potential reasons for patient non-adherence
  • The relevance of the shift from volume to value
  • The rich insights that unstructured data can offer
  • How the natural language processing framework must look different for each part of the drug product lifecycle