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Personalized care: Focusing on the member

Hear from OptumRx chief of operations, Jon Mahrt

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Focusing on the member

At OptumRx, we rally around consumer obsession. Across every site, every department, every function within our company, we are obsessed about the details in serving that consumer, and in meeting their needs. Ensuring that we get them what they want and when they want it. As well as to lower the total cost of care.
It first starts with acknowledging that no two members are alike, members have different levels of engagement in their health care. Different communication styles, different communication preferences.
Recently, a couple of our digital releases, some functionality that I'm very excited about, one click checkout, make it very easy for consumers to do business with us electronically. Second, we had heard a lot about prior authorizations so we built in some functionality that allows for a consumer to initiate a prior authorization digitally.
Our best price initiative we want our consumers to take their therapy, to remain adherent, but to save money while they’re doing it.
We have a very rich consumer road map with a regular cadence of improvements across the consumer life cycle.
We just piloted a very differentiated new member on-boarding experience.
In the eyes of the health plan, life starts over on January first, new plan year, new pricing, new formula, new changes, in the eyes of a consumer, their condition, their therapy didn't change, it looks the same on January 1st as it did on December 31st. We've developed a comprehensive outreach strategy, starting in the 4th quarter, where we reach out to members. What will their new out-of-pocket costs look like, will they need a prior authorization, and we'll own guiding them through it.
So, as we wrap all of that and rally around consumer obsession, it motivates and drives our team to build a roadmap that meets each one of those consumers where they're at, so that no member is left behind.

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Pharmacy plays a huge role in a member's health care experience. No two members are alike and each person interacts with their health care system differently, so understanding these differences is critical for serving all members.

In this video, OptumRx chief of operations, Jon Mahrt, explains our "consumer obsession" and how we are putting the member at the center of everything we do. Each site, function, and department of Optum is dedicated to the consumer and their experience. At OptumRx, we focus on every small detail so members can receive the medications they need when they need them and then adhere to their treatment, all while we lower their total cost of care.

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