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Navigating forward: Prioritize a more consumer-centric future

Approaches for CMOs to advance health through strengthened connections


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Surround consumer with personalized ecosystem

COVID-19 has exposed needs in the care ecosystem. Consumers need reassurance care is necessary, safe and won't create financial harm. To keep individuals engaged, CMOs must adopt consumer-centric strategies or face greater challenges of declining health.

This article discusses how to guide your organization by:

  • Expanding outreach to all consumers, regardless of their health status
  • Exploring all factors influencing outcomes through consumer segmentation
  • Meeting consumers when and where they are — and in the ways they prefer
  • Utilizing both traditional and nontraditional measures of success

Focus on consumerism not just as an industry trend, but as a mandatory care delivery tenet to reap the rewards of positive sentiment, increased engagement and strengthened bonds today and beyond.

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