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Optum care model and UnitedHealthcare Assisted Living Plan

Support residents living in senior living communities.


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Health care benefits and clinical support

The Optum care model and UnitedHealthcare Assisted Living Plan© bring specialized health care benefits, clinical support and expertise to residents in senior living communities.

Our patient-centric model is led by an advanced practice clinician (nurse practitioner or physician assistant) to coordinate and support residents’ health care needs. The support we provide residents creates attractive benefits and care management beyond standard Medicare.

The model features:

  • Member and assisted living staff support available 24/7 telephonically
  • Resident health care support to keep them in your community
  • Care communication between the resident, their family, your staff and primary providers

Discover how Optum and UnitedHealthcare work together to deliver added support to staff and care to residents.

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Watch the video below to learn more about the Optum care model in your community

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Video: Senior Housing Care Model | Optum

00:00:00.234 --> 00:00:06.106

The number of adults over age 65 is

estimated to increase by 3.2% each year.


00:00:07.274 --> 00:00:10.477

Are you ready to serve the needs

of this growing population?


00:00:11.111 --> 00:00:15.883

The Optum care model and the UnitedHealthcare

Assisted Living Plan may be able to help.


00:00:16.683 --> 00:00:19.753

This smart solution is designed

to care for your residents


00:00:19.820 --> 00:00:22.089

who require an institutional level of care.


00:00:22.823 --> 00:00:24.024

Here’s how it works.


00:00:24.758 --> 00:00:26.593

When your residents become members,


00:00:26.660 --> 00:00:31.064

they receive health care benefits

and highly coordinated care.


00:00:31.131 --> 00:00:33.700

The benefits go well beyond standard Medicare.


00:00:34.301 --> 00:00:39.773

Members get 24/7 telephonic support

as well as benefits for dental, vision,


00:00:39.840 --> 00:00:42.342

hearing aids and even transportation.


00:00:43.076 --> 00:00:48.482

Coordinated care is delivered through

an advanced practice clinician, or APC.


00:00:48.548 --> 00:00:52.920

The APC works with your staff,

residents and the broader care team.


00:00:53.954 --> 00:00:58.659

With the member’s permission, the APC

also reaches out to the resident’s family,


00:00:58.725 --> 00:01:03.797

operating as a single point of contact

between all care providers and family members,


00:01:03.864 --> 00:01:06.667

ensuring clear, frequent communication.


00:01:07.801 --> 00:01:12.039

Without this level of coordination,

potential gaps in care may arise,


00:01:12.105 --> 00:01:15.275

and there’s a risk of not

getting truly coordinated care.


00:01:16.009 --> 00:01:20.380

For example, let’s say a resident at

your community develops an infection.


00:01:20.447 --> 00:01:25.185

They are taken to a hospital for care,

but there’s no APC serving as a link


00:01:25.252 --> 00:01:28.221

between the hospital staff and your staff.


00:01:28.288 --> 00:01:31.658

Without an APC communicating

with the hospital staff,


00:01:31.725 --> 00:01:37.130

they’re not aware of the resident’s chronic conditions,

medications or advanced care plan.


00:01:37.864 --> 00:01:44.037

In addition, the APC can help communicate details

about the resident’s return and care required.


00:01:44.838 --> 00:01:49.109

Assisted living communities that have partnered

with us are seeing the model’s value.


00:01:49.576 --> 00:01:54.548

They’ve extended resident length of stay for

eight months longer than the national average


00:01:54.614 --> 00:01:57.951

and reduced hospital readmissions by 38%.


00:01:58.585 --> 00:02:00.354

Like the sound of those results?


00:02:00.587 --> 00:02:05.225

Put the power of a United benefits and

Care solutions to work at your community

00:02:05.292 --> 00:02:07.728

and elevate the experience for your residents.


00:02:08.462 --> 00:02:12.966

Learn more about the Optum care model and

the UnitedHealthcare Assisted Living Plan


00:02:13.033 --> 00:02:15.569

at optum.com/alc.

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Let's talk about a partnership in care.

Learn how we can help support you and your residents living in an senior living communities.

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