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Responsible use of artificial intelligence

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Using AI algorithms responsibly, ethically and equitably

Optum develops artificial intelligence (AI) in support of UnitedHealth Group’s mission to help people live healthier lives and help make the health system work better for everyone. We focus on AI solutions that complement but do not replace human intelligence. These types of AI capabilities can empower people with information they need to make personal health choices, provide clinicians with insights to assist their decision-making, and enhance the performance of the health care system.

While AI is an important tool in health care, this technology must be used responsibly. Achieving this involves governance, fairness, accountability, transparency and privacy. As AI solutions continue to evolve, it is important to account for these unique considerations by continuously assessing and improving business AI practices.

Annual AI in Health Care Survey

Health care executives increasingly believe in the power of artificial intelligence to help improve patient outcomes, support cost savings in the health system and promote health equity, according to the fourth annual survey of 500 senior health care executives from leading hospitals, health plans, life sciences companies and employers.

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believe challenges in using AI in the health care industry require partnering with a health care services company to help address them.



agree that they have a duty to ensure responsible use of AI.


3 out of 4

trust AI to support non-clinical, administrative processes.



agree that AI can be trusted for use in health care.

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Learn more about using AI and technology to support health equity

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A recipe for better health care

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