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The cost of unchecked bias in the health system

A financial framework for CFOs

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A solid business case is a powerful tool

Beyond the unacceptable human toll, health inequity costs $93 billion in excess medical care and $42 billion in untapped productivity. CFOs must be able to calculate the financial loss that structural racism and unconscious bias is creating for their organization.

This financial framework explores what CFOs should consider, including:

  • The financial impact of structural bias
  • Data sets that could build a complete picture of risk and opportunity
  • Cost of new approaches to care delivery
  • Impact of health equity initiatives on recruitment, productivity, competitive strength, contract negotiations and brand value
  • The long-term impact of upstream investment

A solid business case is a powerful tool for eliminating the barriers created by decades of structural bias. Learn how to guide health equity initiatives at your organization by determining the ROI of investments and mapping potential economic gains.

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