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Why choose Optum Rx?

Optum Rx® goes beyond traditional pharmacy benefit management. Connected with the power of Optum, there are more than 200,000 people focused on fundamentally transforming how health care is accessed, delivered and paid for. Our role is to help you provide the best and most affordable pharmacy benefits — without compromising care.

Care without compromise

Balancing competitive, accessible benefits while managing overall costs is a challenge. Our promise to you and your members is to deliver:


Expertise and foresight

We give you guidance, advice and peace of mind to plan for what's ahead.


Innovation and integration

We provide flexible, Optum-powered solutions to meet your goals.


Uncompromised value

We deliver care-first decisions leading to better health care value, well beyond drug cost.

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Optum Rx partners

Helping navigate the health care landscape

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Pharmacy care services for TPAs

We provide dedicated support to help you grow your business.
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Pharmacy care services for public sector

We help you provide affordable pharmacy benefits.
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Pharmacy care services for health plans

We help health plans navigate their toughest challenges.