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Managed Transplant Program

Employers pay a predictable monthly premium while Optum pays virtually all claims associated with transplant cases.

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A market leader for value

The Managed Transplant Program (MTP) protects self-funded groups while enhancing the clinical experience for patients. We partner them with experienced transplant nurse case managers who help educate and guide them through the transplant experience.

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Comprehensive program design

MTP covers all transplant-related expenses one year post-transplant.

First-dollar coverage No pre-existing clause or lasering Predictable program
  • No deductibles, coinsurance or copays
  • Protection for the full population begins as soon as coverage is bound
  • Lessens future stop loss premium increases by carving out transplant experience
  • Includes all solid organ and blood and marrow transplants
  • Lifetime benefit for transplant services protects annual max benefit of hidden medical coverage
  • Guaranteed renewable policy
  • Pays related expenses from evaluation through 365 days post transplant, including immunosuppresant drugs
  • Stop loss premium credits often result once coverage is in place
  • Drives increased stop loss persistency
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A risk-free solution

More than 900 employersdepend on MTP to manage the clinical and financial aspects of their transplant cases. By transferring risk to Optum, employers pay a predictable monthly premium, while Optum pays all claims associated with transplant cases. 

Employers value this fully insured carve-out product to help control costs, mitigate risk and enhance both the clinical and patient experience for transplants. 

Through MTP, employees and their dependents may access more than 1,000 best-in-class transplant Centers of Excellence programs located at 176 U.S. facilities.2 

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Education and guidance through entire process

To further improve clinical experience and outcomes, Optum transplant nurse case managers support patients from referral to up to one year post-transplant.

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To learn more: Call 1-866-427-6845

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    1. Count of MTP Employer clients as of September 25, 2018
    2. Optum Transplant Network status as of July 2018.