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Optum oncology EHR data

Our enriched oncology EHR data offers the breadth, depth and quality that researchers need to conduct high-quality research.

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Features and Benefits

Patient journey across continuum of care

Real-world data (EHR) is generating new opportunities for how we assess disease progression and approach patient care. This is particularly true with oncology data.

But accessing large sources of comprehensive and clinically rich oncology data can be difficult without aggregating multiple data sources or conducting clinical trials. Optum enriched oncology EHR data solves these challenges.

It provides a robust, longitudinal view of the patient journey — both clinically and through totality of care costs — across the care continuum, powering scientific and commercial analyses throughout the product lifecycle.

Greater insights from expansive data sources

Optum oncology EHR data comes from significant populations across multiple cancer types and care settings, including diagnostic, specialty and prognostic components of support.

Natural language processing allows us to dig deep into millions of de-identified patient records and hundreds of millions of provider notes. This drives better understanding of disease progression and patient response to therapies.

Linking external data sources such as mortality data, genetic data and consumer data provide deeper insights.

Expand your research potential

Optum oncology-focused data supports research into:

  • Evidence of metastatic disease
  • Risk factors and treatment selection
  • Natural history of disease
  • Outcomes and survival
  • Complications, adverse effects and management of comorbidities