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Wellness Coaching

Various programs support different interests and learning styles to help individuals improve their well-being.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Why is change so hard? Nobody actually taught you how to change.

I'm a wellness coach. I have one job, to help you reach and maintain your health and wellness goals.

I'm going to help you take the foods you eat now and shift them to be healthier.

Give you information and strategies that can help you to quit for life.

And just get you to move more.

I needed to start where I was. I didn't do anything dramatic.

Five years ago, I was overweight. I didn't like my image, so I decided to do something about it.

And I find that there is no end to what you can learn.

The act of smoking or chewing is just part of your daily routine. The good news is the instant you quit your body begins to heal.

Yeah, I go shopping every week, like most people. But I don't really have a plan.

And the beauty of coming prepared to grocery store is that my car looks a little bit like that my plate visual that we're always talking about.

We're here for you so you can live a healthier, happier life and do the things you aspire to do with the people you care most about.

We have a variety of professionally trained wellness coaches to support you no matter what changes you seek. Keep up the good work, and we'll talk to you soon.

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Changing behavior to improve employee health

Rally® Wellness Coaching uses videos and other online learning tools to drive engagement and help employees address common health concerns. 

With 13 expert-led programs like Financial Well-being, Sleep Well, Stress Less, and Weight and Wellness, participants report improved outcomes, including: 

  • Coping with stress better
  • Being more mindful
  • Making positive dietary changes
  • Getting more sleep 
  • Having greater intention and confidence in improving behavior
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Extensively trained behavior change coaches

  • 130 cross-trained personal coaches
  • 7 years average experience
  • BS/MS education level
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Leading instructors deliver dynamic online training with interactive tools that cover emotional, social, financial and physical health.

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A whole-person approach with a pathway for everyone

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Coach-guided — structured live coach support and supplemental content

Guidance and accountability from a live personOnline courses (as applicable)Personalized action plan and goal settingMultimodal communication (phone and chat)94% coach satisfaction rate

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Self-guided — online learning through expert-led courses and on-demand coach support:

  • Flexibility of self-directed pace 
  • Convenient access to clinically validated, expert-led learning (peer discussions, polls, quizzes and more)
  • Connect with a coach via phone or chat as needed
  • 79% course completion rate*