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Wellness Coaching Programs for Employers

Various programs support different interests and learning styles to help individuals improve their well-being.

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Wellness Coaching

Rally® Wellness Coaching uses videos and other online learning tools to drive engagement and help employees address common health concerns. 

Changing behavior to improve employee health

With 13 expert-led programs like Financial Well-being, Sleep Well, Stress Less, and Weight and Wellness, participants report1 improved outcomes, including: 

    • Coping with stress better
    • Being more mindful
    • Making positive dietary changes
    • Getting more sleep 
    • Having greater intention and confidence in improving behavior
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Experienced coaches and expert instructors

Extensively trained behavior change coaches

  • 130 cross-trained personal coaches
  • 7 years average experience
  • BS/MS education level
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Inspirational instructors

Leading instructors deliver dynamic online training with interactive tools that cover emotional, social, financial and physical health.

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A whole-person approach with a pathway for everyone

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Coach-guided — structured live coach support and supplemental content

  • Guidance and accountability from a live person
  • Online courses (as applicable)
  • Personalized action plan and goal setting
  • Multimodal communication (phone and chat)
  • 94% coach satisfaction rate
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Self-guided — online learning through expert-led courses and on-demand coach support:

  • Flexibility of self-directed pace 
  • Convenient access to clinically validated, expert-led learning (peer discussions, polls, quizzes and more)
  • Connect with a coach via phone or chat as needed
  • 79% course completion rate2

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1. 30-day post-enrollment email survey responses, Q1–Q2 2019.
2. Optum Wellness Coaching Health Outcomes Report, June 2019.