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Employee Assistance Program

Happier, more engaged employees help you mitigate risk. Ninety-eight percent of members are satisfied and would use our services again.

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Features and benefits

Cultivate high performance

Increase productivity and resilience while reducing costs. Empower employees with resources that help remove barriers and reach goals. Master’s-level specialists offer support by phone. In-person, online and work-site consultations are also available.


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Improve organizational performance

Strengthen leadership skills and build resiliency. Anticipate and respond to change. Management consulting and training, along with critical incident response services, help HR administrators, managers and supervisors improve organizational performance and culture.

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Effective, engaging experience lowers costs

Integrated Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and behavioral health services help employees access the most appropriate level of care. The result: better outcomes at lower costs. Nearly 80 percent of issues are resolved within EAP without use of behavioral benefits.

Extensive network and global reach

We have a provider network of 105,000 NCQA-accredited and tiered counselors, with EAP and critical incident services in more than 150 countries.

Trusted, information-rich online resource

The consumer portal at liveandworkwell.com has won awards and is URAC-accredited. Users can access screeners, self-help programs, videos and articles. Search for providers or request authorization online. A new mobile app further increases utilization and awareness.