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Transform Specialty Medication Management

Eliminate the burden of managing specialty medications separately across the medical and pharmacy benefit. Learn how Specialty Fusion™ brings it all together for better care and lower costs.

A new way to manage specialty drug spend

Specialty medications are costly, hard to manage and are often covered under both medical and pharmacy benefits. In addition, the volume of new drugs make it difficult for providers to keep up with the best treatment options and plan sponsors struggle to control costs.


Specialty Fusion dynamically analyzes dozens of value levers on both medical and pharmacy benefits to recommend the optimal benefit, site of care and drug choice based on clinical and financial factors resulting in improved patient experiences at a lower cost of care.



Faster time to therapy for patients1

Up to $15 PMPM

Medical and pharmacy savings2



Provider NPS3

Latest insights

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A better way to manage specialty costs Infographic

A better way to manage specialty costs

Learn how Optum Specialty Fusion helps streamline therapy decisions, spend and care.

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Optum launches Specialty Fusion

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  1. Electronic PA at the point of prescribing; AMA Survey 2019 (https://www.covermymeds.com/main/medication-access-report/electronic-prior-authorization/)
  2. Optum Internal Analysis. Actual savings potential will vary based on plan sponsors who have low to highly managed programs in place.
  3. Provider NPS based on Sept. 2020 Optum Book of Business analysis. Auto-approval, denial  and turn around time Aug. 2020 – Oct. 2020 CGP Book of Business analysis