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Health and Wellness Portal Solutions

A personalized health and wellness portal, Rally empowers and motivates members to make sustainable changes that reduce their health risks.

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Increase member engagement in their health

Built on in-depth consumer research, Rally makes it fun and easy for users to understand and take ownership of their health. Rally delivers strong engagement rates: 96% of users complete a health survey; 58% open Rally emails; and 64% of enrollees sign up for Missions.

Create a compelling, personalized experience

Rally creates a relevant experience based on individual interests, concerns and preferences. Users get help navigating their path to better health, with programs that meet their needs. They connect with Rally when and how they choose, and receive real-time feedback.

Flexible reward options to spur healthy change

Inspire users to engage in their health, individually and in community. Rally’s flexible platform supports any type of incentive program. Motivate action within or external to Rally. Encourage users’ progress with social media, gaming and challenges.

Engaging and robust communications

Members stay on track and engaged in achieving their health goals with well-orchestrated communications throughout the experience.  Personalized messaging helps them stay focused on goals and opportunities, and see their progress and rewards status.

Easy to set up and manage throughout the year

Bring together your health and wellness strategy. The Rally interface complements any wellness program. And it integrates with other Optum products and services your company may already be using. With automation and communication tools, your phone will ring less.

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Overcome barriers to engage employees in their health.
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Rally Rewards

Rewarding members for repeat engagement in healthy actions.

Learn how we can help solve your challenges.