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Electronic Prescribing (eRx) to Optum Rx

E-prescribing ensures accurate, efficient and secure delivery of your prescription requests sent directly through your EHR platform.*

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ePrescribe - Fast and secure script requests

ePrescribe to:
Optum Home Delivery (OptumRx Mail Service)
6800 W 115th St., Ste. 600
Overland Park, KS 66211-9838
NCPDP ID: 1718634

Call 1-800-791-7658
Provide a verbal prescription directly to Optum Rx pharmacists dedicated to our health care providers.

Fax 1-800-491-7997
Send us a complete prescription using the Physician Fax Form.

* If your EHR system does not allow for e-prescribing, please consult your IT department and/or EHR vendor to enable this functionality.

Why prescribe to Optum Home Delivery Pharmacy



Save time for you, your staff and lower costs

Improve medication adherence and get your patients the medications they need while saving time and reducing costs.


90-day supply of maintenance medications

Maximize patient cost savings and minimize their trips to the pharmacy by ordering up to a 90-day supply.


Free shipping, refill reminders and more

Provide patients free standard shipping throughout the U.S, text messages on refill reminders and automatic refills.


Accuracy, safety and convenience

Gain the accuracy, safety and convenience offered to you and your patients by Optum Home Delivery.

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Ensure prescriptions are accurate and secure

e-Prescription Submission Reminders

Before submitting prescriptions electronically, please remember the following:

  • Add the Optum Rx profile in your EMR system
  • Verify your EMR software is certified for e-prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS)
  • Check patient’s benefit plan for current prescription coverage
  • Identify possible lower-cost medication alternatives using real-time benefits check data, as provided by Optum PreCheck® My Script.
  • Submit an e-prior authorization (ePA) using your preferred PA software, such as CoverMyMeds® and Surescripts®
  • Submit your e-prescriptions to Optum Home Delivery (OptumRx Mail Service)