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Employee Assistance for Global Employers

Improve workforce engagement with a single-source provider.

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Features and benefits

Global to local access helps your employees become more engaged, resilient and productive while also promoting safety in the workplace. 

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Support employees with 24/7/365 access

Employees can access EAP specialists for help by phone anytime and use digital tools, including self-assessments, mental health screeners and financial resources. 

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Access unlimited help for managers

We provide manager support to discuss workplace issues, including assistance with EAP referrals, compliance with organization protocols, chemical dependency and workplace safety. This service enables leaders to better deal with challenges. 

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Critical counseling after crises

When crises strike, we help your people and organization recover. A crisis team is on call 24/7/365.

Clinicians from a network of 6,500 crisis experts can provide urgent on-site counseling for as long as you need.

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Provide on-site EAP consultants

On-site EAP consultants provide solution-focused support and referrals to services, as needed. On-site EAP consultants also offer consultations with HR representatives and managers regarding employee work-related issues impacting performance.

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Training and development

To support both employees and managers, a wide range of topical seminars and web-casts are available to help address life, health and workplace challenges.