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Identify, investigate and recover payments linked to medical and disability expenses related to accidents.

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Subrogation in Action

See how our Subrogation solution uses continuous scoring and machine learning to identify high-value recovery opportunities with a member-sensitive approach.

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Discover your highest recovery potential 

Our continuous scoring and machine learning identify high-value recovery opportunities. We achieve more accurate results with speed and data intelligence. 

We integrate national and state databases to provide analytics that remove false positives and minimize member requests.

When we contact a member, we engage with them via the web, IVR and mobile. Our empathetic staff is experienced in handling difficult conversations without taking too much of the member's time.

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What makes our Subrogation unique?

By continuously scoring cases as information is obtained, we know when to reach out to members. Scoring identifies the highest probability cases so we don’t burden members with needless inquiries.

Members can respond through their preferred communication method. And we can engage our expert legal staff as needed.

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Subrogation results

Our continuous scoring has reduced member touches by 66% while maximizing recoveries.

Add Subrogation to your payment integrity portfolio today.