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Seeing the Bigger Picture: Using Data and AI to Fuel Insights

Our podcast series explores the applications and implications of data and artificial intelligence in life sciences to drive insights.

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Episode 2: How far health care AI has come and where it’s headed

Bertrand Lefebvre, principal data scientist, and host Amie Moreno discuss the novel use and complexities of natural language processing; the challenges and how they can be overcome, the value of unstructured data for research and the future of AI in health care.

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Podcast transcript: How far health care AI has come and where it’s headed

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Additional episodes


Episode 1

Demystifying EHR and NLP

If you’re unfamiliar with EHR or NLP, this is the perfect episode to start learning the basics.

Episode 3

EHR and NLP: A game changer for life sciences research

EHR and NLP change with the dynamics of care and why it matters to life sciences companies.

Episode 4

EHR and NLP for commercial questions

How EHR and NLP can inform brand strategies and help craft positioning and messaging

Episode 5

EHR and NLP for epidemiological research questions

Examples of how EHR and NLP are used to answer research questions that traditional data cannot.

Episode 6

An analyst’s view of how EHR and NLP can be used in research

EHR and NLP is used to gain a more holistic view of the patient to better serve stakeholders