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Financial performance

Transform your health care organization with financial management strategies and tech-enabled solutions. Our resource center can help.

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Forge a sustainable financial future

Knowledge is invaluable in today’s health care environment, where many of the financial decisions that executives must make will have a significant impact. Information and research are critical. 

Explore our rich collection of content, tools and solutions that can help inform the decisions you’re making to bring innovation and financial sustainability to your health system.   

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Inspire your financial success

"We interviewed five health care champions who live and breathe these topics. From past challenges to present solutions, these thought leaders deliver the conversations that light the path to financial success.”  

Chris Martin, Senior Vice President, Revenue Cycle Product, Optum 

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What are the five fundamentals?

We’ve identified a set of five essential capabilities that form the bedrock of financial health. However, leaders need to look at these fundamentals through a new lens. Pushing beyond the usual solutions will help providers close process gaps, boost performance, engage stakeholders and drive growth.


Revenue integrity

Build a holistic approach to bridge the gaps between clinical operations, coding, CDI and your business office. 




Cost management

Financial health means tough decisions. Get back to basics — reduce, simplify and prioritize your costs.




Workforce optimization

Support staff development and boost retention with workforce investments that can benefit your whole organization.





Digital infrastructure

Accelerate your tech innovation to drive efficiencies, support digital investments and modernize patient care.




Growth strategies

A multi-faceted growth strategy is the catalyst for success across business areas. Leverage your strengths and expand.



Market performance through partnerships

Our visionary model transcends commodity outsourcing and delivers a viable new option for health systems.

Advisory Services

Bring a broad range of capabilities to support your organization.

Revenue cycle solutions

Research specific revenue cycle information that will help you.

Data and analytics

Explore how we help providers using data solutions.

IT performance

Enable technology, expertise, secure operations and economics.