Norman Wright

Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer


Norman Wright was named chief marketing and customer experience officer for Optum in 2020, expanding on his prior role as chief customer officer. He oversees brand and marketing initiatives focused on increasing awareness and affinity among key constituents, and he guides ongoing work to improve quality and service across all customer interactions and channels.

Previously, Wright led global operations across Optum, delivering solutions grounded in affordability, global scale and quality.

Prior to joining Optum in 2013, Wright was the managing director, Client Experience, for Citigroup’s Consumer Operations in North America. He also was a partner with the consulting firm Accenture, where he led a practice in call center transformation for the financial services and retail industries. Before Accenture, he led customer care at Home Shopping Network. Wright also managed call center operations and technology at Fidelity Investments, GE Capital and Chase Manhattan Bank. 

Wright has a BA in political science from Swarthmore College. He currently serves on the United Health Foundation Board and Charitable Giving Committee, as well as the UnitedHealth Group Executive Equity Advancement Board.

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Coming in every day I think about the millions of people we're serving. So many people are struggling just to get answers and get the right care. They need our help. They need our guidance. They need us to fix the system. So it's increasingly important that we are treating the whole patient. So beyond all the clinical elements of it, we have to really think about all of the social determinants. Access to transportation. Their financial situation. Isolation amongst some of our seniors and those that live in rural communities. We've learned and research shows us that those elements can have a dramatic impact on health conditions and certainly on cost. When we think about delivering strong experiences for all of those we serve, it's really important to have repeatable consistent standard processes sort of across the organization. You know what gives me hope and great confidence that we can get there? I see it every day. I see it in our nurses and their compassion and their focus on serving each and every member. I see it in an amazing access to data and advanced analytics that tells us everything we need to know to bring the best solutions to those we serve. We have to do everything we can to make the entire system more streamlined, more simplified, take out the waste and make it more affordable so we can pass that on to our members. In our desired state, someone who interacts with Optum, how would they describe us? We were compassionate; things were simple; they knew me; they treated me as an individual: not one of many; they understood my unique circumstances; they got my issue resolved the first time immediately, quickly, and I left with a lot of confidence that, that organization really cares about me, has my best interest at heart. That's what we're striving for.


Our goal is to know and engage each member so we understand what impacts their health.

Norman Wright, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Optum