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Features and Benefits


Dedicated staff nurtures strong engagement

We get to know the unique needs and culture of each population. With a focus on building a culture of health, delivering engaging programming and increasing employee health ownership, we build trusted relationships that help employees improve their health.


A collaborative, employee-centric approach

A unified approach brings together all your benefit offerings. On-site health promotion specialists build relationships among vendor partners. This deep understanding enables them to connect employees with the right resources, delivered how and when they need them.


Professional, customizable, turnkey materials

Programming materials for more than 200 activities and events have been reviewed by medical directors, approved by a legal team and can be customized for your organization’s specific needs.


Services tailored to your unique work culture

We start by understanding your business, your organization’s health risks, your health and wellness strategy to date and your unique culture. With that information, we design a custom on-site solution that aligns with your desired outcomes.


Robust field operations ensure excellence

Our on-site staff are supported by a field organization comprised of regional vice presidents, district managers and regional product/service directors. This field-based team works with our clients and on-site staff to ensure operational excellence.

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