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features and benefits


Expect lower costs for employers, employees

We reduce spine and joint care expenses with economies of scale and case management. Our bundle episode costs at average 20–30 percent below regional fee-for-service episode costs. Our warranty reduces cost exposure from most revisions, complications, and related visits.


Achieve high-quality results

The Optum Clinical Science Institute monitors our COE network, its quality of care and standardized treatment practices. Employees have access to highly qualified surgeons and care teams who anticipate their needs and guide their recoveries.


Provide patient-centered care

Optum nurse case managers educate patients on available treatment options, including non-surgical approaches. If surgery is needed, our nurses provide COE education and outreach to employees and families throughout the process, so they understand what to expect.


Ensure smooth integration and operation

Optum drives seamless processes between the carrier managing the employee’s health plan and the COE program. We help employers navigate operational, administrative, claims concerns and clinical nuances, while managing integration with other clinical programs.


Drive utilization of Centers of Excellence

COE programs work best when there is high utilization. We connect with employees throughout their COE treatment, offering tailored support. This individualized attention encourages patients to choose a COE so they receive the best care that minimizes unnecessary procedures and lowers out-of-pocket costs.

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