features and benefits


Stratify risk using predictive analytics.

Whether your contracts are fee-for-service, fee-for-value or somewhere in between, the Optum One integrated data and care management tools provide the health intelligence to stratify risk and effectively manage the care of individuals and populations.


Use with any EMR or payer contract.

No matter which electronic medical record (EMR) or payer contract your organization is using, we deliver aggregated and cleaned data back to you within the platform.


Identify at-risk patients earlier.

By integrating claims, clinical, socio-demographic and care management data, you can identify at-risk patients earlier, preserve patient health, reduce costs and prevent complications.

“The move toward value-based care is definitely a move from the art of medicine to the science of medicine. The platform has allowed our providers to understand just how good they are, and to understand those areas where they may need to improve.

– Wilmington Health CEO Jeff James SEE SUCCESS STORY