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features and benefits


Access to high-quality care at work

On-site clinics improve accountability and compliance for employees through on-site interaction and follow-up. Minimize lost work days due to illness or injury, drive productivity and help control health spend.


Convenient care for your employees

Our dedicated team can deliver medical services on-site exclusively for your employees, which improves their experience as well as compliance. Our professionals are able to treat symptoms and provide care without excessive wait times.


An affordable method of health care delivery

On-Site Clinics increase health care consumerism and adherence to evidence-based medicine guidelines for medical management, while reducing costs over time. We can also help control costs by helping employees avoid unnecessary ER visits and referring to specialists.


Engage and treat employees holistically

Our medical professionals do not stop once an employee is treated. We partner with employees to take the next step to drive healthy habits. Our team encourages employees to engage with available health and wellness resources.


Robust field operations ensure excellence

Our organization is structured to support our on-site teams. We ensure excellence through robust field-based teams that include regional vice presidents, district managers and regional service directors. Corporate teams respond to field needs and create enabling tools.

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