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Features and benefits


Enhanced FFP

With Optum Medicaid Business Services (OMBS), states will qualify for enhanced matching rates. Securing CMS approval is similar to current practice except the state structures its needs in the form of business services instead of system requirements.


Implement in as little as 12–18 months

The systems required to deliver MMIS payment and administrative functions are similar to the claims platforms used for managed care claims processing. With careful planning, the systems can be adapted for MMIS functions within a short 12–18 month implementation window.


State-specific plan configuation

OMBS is a nimble, modular system that can be easily adapted to follow state policies and procedures. The solution can be extended into other state health programs should the state want to do so.


Evergreen cloud infrasture

OMBS provides cloud-based services that alleviate state burden by allowing for fast and easy adoption, ongoing feature upgrades, flexibility to scale up and down as needed, and cuts in application cost.


Handbook details services-based MMIS approach

Center for Digital Government's handbook provides planning and implementation tips.



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