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Features and Benefits


Unrivaled engagement in health ownership

From the convenience of the worksite, employees are supported in achieving their health and wellness goals. Create a culture of health, through policy and by altering the physical environment to make the healthiest choice the easiest choice.


Amplify engagement in health and wellness

Engage employees in making healthy changes with support from trained, on-site staff. Trusted relationships and proprietary S.M.A.R.T Path system enables better connections with all available and appropriate health and wellness services — not only on-site services.


A broad suite of on-site services

Employees' top health and wellness goals include moving more, eating better, being safer and being mindful. Address these goals from any or all angles, including fitness, registered dietitian nutritionists, ergonomics, coaching, clinics, EAP and health promotion.


Tailored to the unique needs of your company

We start by understanding your business, your organization’s health risks, current health and wellness strategy and your desired outcomes. We then design a custom on-site solution that leverages our capabilities to help your employees take ownership of their health.


Robust field teams support service delivery

We ensure operational excellence through a robust field organization comprised of regional vice presidents, district managers and regional product/service directors supporting the on-site teams delivering our services.

Our on-site services boast a 98% client retention rate. On-site services engage 15%–70% of eligible employees.

– Optum book of business
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