Reaching your total employee population

Our offering engages all employees. Triages allow for one-on-one counseling for higher-risk, higher-need employees leading to focused interventions. Our unique service delivers an enterprise-ergonomic solution to nearly every employee.


Seamless experience, efficient collaboration

On-site ergonomists connect with department stakeholders to ensure seamless employee experiences, efficient administrative processes and coordination of department collaboration. This coordinated effort across all business segments ensures company-wide consistency.


Amplify engagement beyond on-site services

Our on-site professionals build trusted relationships with employees. Our staff members connect employees with the health and wellness services that help them reach their initial goals, and continue to share resources about what their next best action would look like


Highly trained on-site ergonomists

On-site ergonomists are required to hold a four-year degree in ergonomics, human factors engineering, exercise physiology or a related field, and/or at least one certification such as Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist or Certified Professional Ergonomist.


Robust field operations ensure excellence

Our organization is structured to support our on-site teams. We ensure excellence through robust, field-based teams that include regional vice presidents, district managers and regional service directors. Corporate teams respond to field needs and create enabling tools.

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