Optum serves the unique needs of a population by delivering effective and sustained consumer engagement. With our comprehensive clinical, well-being and financial services targeted through deep population analytics, your population's health and outcomes are improved.

70% increase in care gaps closed for Fortune 500 employer

34 million people access Optum Behavioral Health

Largest health savings account provider in the United States


  1. Quit For Life employer book of business survey results. Results measured among responders to a survey at six months post-program enrollment, with quit-rate success defined as 30+ days of abstinence from all forms of tobacco, cumulative from 2006 to 2015.
  2. Optum internal value study based on 1.2 million cancer claims with peer review (NCCN and ASCO); savings are per member per year from optimizing balance of appropriate treatment, management of side effects, patient quality of life and use of hospice, 2013. 
  3. Optum re-priced claims (Facets). Reconciled cases as of 08/2015. Incidence and LOS reduction in relation to a large health plan’s fully insured line of business. McGillis’ analysis of S Hanson,T Bentley, 2014 U.S. organ and tissue transplant cost estimates and discussion, Milliman Inc.