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Managing pharmacy cost and 100% of health care spend

Our programs help manage specialty medications, drive generic and preferred brand utilization and manage the supply chain for ingredient cost savings through improved pricing.


Pharmacy spend and Medical spend chart

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Synchronized outcomes

Our goal is to deliver connected care that helps consumers and brings value to our clients with improved total medical costs. This white paper recently assessed the value of integrating medical and clinical benefits with OptumRx pharmacy benefits and noticed improved outcomes.

  • 7% reduction in patient admissions
  • Up to 6% reduction in emergency room visits
  • $11-16 PMPM savings on medication costs
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Channel flexibility

While our network goes beyond traditional mail- and retail-driven models to give choice and flexibility, OptumRx Home Delivery Pharmacy optimizes costs for both you and your employees with proven outcomes.

"Everyone has either Walgreens or CVS, and they [OptumRx] now have both… this gives them a huge differentiator…"
-Drug Benefit News, Dec. 2016

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  1.  Analysis reflects claims experience between January-November 2015 vs. January-November 2016 based on post-rebate data.
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