Pinpoint the clinical factors and physician decision-making that drive market share.


Succeeding in today’s life sciences market requires critical insight into physician, patient and hospital behavior over the entire lifecycle of your product. NorthStar™ provides comprehensive population-level data and clinical intelligence to answer the most important questions about your brand and product portfolio:

  • What clinical factors are influencing treatment decisions?
  • Which classes and brands are competing for the same clinical profile?
  • How do we identify unmet needs and market opportunities?
  • Are we attracting the right patient segments based on our product’s unique clinical profile?

NorthStar is an intuitive and customizable solution from Optum™ that allows you to define clinical markets, segment the market to your preferences, and provides a complete picture of how to drive your market strategy.

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Female 1:      To succeed in today's life science's market, we must be able to respond and evolve quickly. Waiting for research that takes weeks or months, just isn't an option. You need to understand how positions are adopting your branch clinically, and that requires insight into physician, patient, and hospital behavior over the entire life cycle of your brand. Using Humedica's electronic health records data warehouse, NorthStar captures a complete clinical picture that includes not only medications, diagnoses, procedures, demographics, hospitalizations, and outpatient visits, but also key information like lab results, vital signs and physician notes. The end result is unparalleled insight into how physicians are adopting your brand and your competitor's brands clinically. Let's take a closer look.


                        Spanning 10 therapeutic areas and growing, NorthStar empowers you to answer questions like, what clinical factors are influencing treatment decisions? Which classes and brands are competing for the same clinical profile and what order are medications prescribed? This comprehensive data solution also provides insight into which medications are prescribed together, were the medications switched at any time, and why. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, NorthStar allows you to pinpoint the clinical factors that drive market share. With a few simple clicks, you can select your clinical markers, set how you would like to segment your market, and decide how to drive your strategy. Going beyond one-size-fits-all analytics, this solution offers an extensive library of dynamic filters that enable you to refine your analysis by market share, class, brand, line of therapy, lab results, and much more.


                        You also have the ability to change the variables on the fly by simply selecting from the dropdown menus. Each module within NorthStar provides an array of dashboards to choose from, putting key data at your fingertips instantly. For example, drilling into relative position analysis provides an at-a-glance view of brand position, making it easy to see which drugs are competing for the same patients. Once you've identified analysis of interest, you can easily bookmark it for future reference. Additional features include the ability to capture an analysis and export the visualization to PowerPoint. You can also move quickly from a graphical view to a data-only view that can be exported to Excel.


Leverage NorthStar's regimen module to explore how patients are managed on your class of product versus other classes in your market. Here, you can examine the order in which medications were prescribed, concomitant therapies, as well as drill-down to see factors such as risk category and how it changes as the therapy progresses. Or, you can analyze regimen share to determine whether or not patients reach their goal, depending on which therapy was used. You also have the ability to analyze current regimens to see which drugs patients are switching from and which drugs they switch to.


To provide insight into patient and prescriber behavior, NorthStar utilizes natural language processing that effectively mines and extracts relevant data directly from physician and nurse notes. This allows you to determine why a physician decided to change a patient's therapy at both a high level as well as in granular detail.


Go beyond traditional transactional databases and anecdotal market research and unlock the information in EHR. Uncover why physicians make the decisions they do and make your insights actionable with NorthStar.


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