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So what is OptumIQ™? It’s the unique combination of curated data, leading analytics and applied expertise infused in all Optum products and services.

The strength of OptumIQ comes from our unique experience across the health system, working with providers, health plans, employers, government agencies and life sciences organizations. We are fluent in all of the types of data our clients use and we know how to extract value from them.

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Speaker 1:                           00:03                     Healthcare is awash in data. 30% of the world's data is in healthcare. But extracting insights to meet the triple aim is no simple task. Data are often fragmented, separated, siloed and most analytics scratch the surface, summarizing the past instead of illuminating the future.

                                                00:22                     At Optum, we focus on healthcare intelligence, harnessing the collective wisdom of thousands of technologists, clinicians, actuaries and public health professionals. And applying that wisdom to curated data to build analytics that propel clients forward. We call it OptumIQ, and it's the foundation of Optum products and services.

                                                00:43                     We create a common language by standardizing records from across healthcare, prioritizing privacy and security. We apply artificial intelligence in pragmatic ways, looking for patterns that transform data into insights. Our teams of experts are there every step of the way, guiding action for success.

                                                01:02                     Optum solutions are infused with OptumIQ, so clients can see the bigger picture of health, compare performance against peers, and take the right action today for better outcomes and results tomorrow.

                                                01:14                     To see OptumIQ at work, visit


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