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Excellence for every patient, every day

Creating a positive patient experience builds loyalty — and loyalty could mean nearly $3 million of revenue potential for a typical hospital. Your patient engagement strategy needs a multi-faceted approach, and our rounding analytics and experts are here to help.

Video: Treat the person, not the patient

The more time your nurses spend in paperwork, the less time they spend bedside. Help get your nurses back to what matters: your patients.

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00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:02.120
How was your day today? How was school?

00:00:02.120 --> 00:00:06.600
Well, we learned about the planets and Earth and how we can keep... [unintelligible]

00:00:10.580 --> 00:00:12.440
My mom fell down.

00:00:13.300 --> 00:00:14.400
I don't know.

00:00:52.220 --> 00:00:54.600
Five years old already, what a big girl!

00:00:54.600 --> 00:00:56.600
She's a little bit nervous about today.

00:00:57.720 --> 00:01:01.580
Leo doesn't like getting shots either, can
you help me take care of him?

00:01:01.580 --> 00:01:02.880
There's Leo!

00:01:04.300 --> 00:01:06.060
How did you know about Leo?

00:01:14.260 --> 00:01:16.200
Mrs. Arcuri, I'm all set for you.

00:01:16.260 --> 00:01:17.740
Oh, thank you.

00:01:18.760 --> 00:01:21.780
Thanks so much for fitting me in today.

00:01:21.820 --> 00:01:26.840
I used to be a nurse so I know a last-minute appointment can make the day harder to get through.

00:01:26.840 --> 00:01:31.360
It's really no problem Mrs. Arcuri. Are you recovering okay?

00:01:31.360 --> 00:01:37.860
Yes. Oh but please, call me Dolores. That's what all my patients called me.

00:01:37.860 --> 00:01:40.480
Okay, Dolores.

00:01:43.900 --> 00:01:46.340
[off-screen] Is anything wrong?

00:01:51.220 --> 00:01:56.780
I don't know if you remember me. I called

00:01:56.780 --> 00:02:01.680
My mother, she's passed. You helped me draw to pass the time--

00:02:01.680 --> 00:02:03.120
--Oh yes, I do remember!

00:02:03.800 --> 00:02:05.800
Ellie!? --Yes

00:02:05.800 --> 00:02:09.200
--Oh I remember that was such a hard time for you.

00:02:09.200 --> 00:02:11.640
But you became a nurse!? --Yeah, I did.

00:02:11.640 --> 00:02:13.640
And you're doing well? --Much better.

00:02:13.980 --> 00:02:20.000
Get back to what matters. With iRound you treat the person, not the patient.


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Top performer in KLAS Digital Rounding Report

iRound rated a top performer for overall performance in the 2018 Digital Rounding Report.

Learn more

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Tools that enable in-the-moment improvement

iRound users have improved HCAHPS rankings by as much as 80% because we provide:

  • Real-time performance visibility against goals
  • Integrated service recovery messaging and triaging
  • Intuitive patient rounding functionality
  • Insight-driven Executives dashboards

Video: Improve patient experience with iRound

One poor experience could drive a patient elsewhere for future care. Learn how iRound gives you the tools to keep your patients happy.

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00:00:01.150 --> 00:00:04.120
Patients are the new power brokers in health care.

00:00:04.120 --> 00:00:09.520
They’re paying more of the bills, and are increasingly
the ones choosing where to go for care.

00:00:09.520 --> 00:00:16.960
Which means just one poor experience could drive
a patient elsewhere for all of their future care needs.

00:00:16.960 --> 00:00:21.940
Multiply that bad impression across
hundreds, even thousands, of patients,

00:00:21.940 --> 00:00:26.360
and we’re talking about making
or breaking health system fortunes.

00:00:26.360 --> 00:00:29.360
But what if you could get ahead
of negative patient experiences?

00:00:29.360 --> 00:00:32.240
See what’s hidden beneath the
surface of your organization?

00:00:32.240 --> 00:00:37.600
What if you could know right away when one of
your patients isn’t satisfied with their experience,

00:00:37.600 --> 00:00:40.300
and you could fix it immediately?

00:00:40.300 --> 00:00:43.880
Well, now you can, with
iRound for Patient Experience.

00:00:43.880 --> 00:00:49.460
iRound gives you the tools, insights, and expert
support, all based in decades of research,

00:00:49.460 --> 00:00:53.260
to help you quickly find and fix
problems to keep your patients happy,

00:00:53.260 --> 00:00:58.240
through every experience they have
with your facilities, staff, and physicians.

00:00:58.240 --> 00:01:02.460
By tracking all aspects of each patient’s
experience throughout their stay,

00:01:02.460 --> 00:01:06.660
iRound helps you deliver more
personalized — and better — service.

00:01:06.660 --> 00:01:10.980
iRound also helps you make more informed
decisions by culling executive insights

00:01:10.980 --> 00:01:16.160
from the hundreds of patient encounters happening
each day across all of your facilities.

00:01:16.160 --> 00:01:21.420
All so you can know, without a doubt, that your
care team is delivering an excellent experience

00:01:21.420 --> 00:01:24.300
to every patient, every day.

00:01:24.310 --> 00:01:27.650
Position your organization to win
in a consumer-driven market.

00:01:27.650 --> 00:01:30.090
Schedule a demo of iRound today.


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A true, patient-centered approach

To achieve lasting improvements in patient satisfaction and loyalty, you must re-scope your goals to impact the overall patient experience at your facility. We work with you to ensure your ambitions aren’t too narrowly focused and campaign-specific.

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Support from an outcomes-focused advisor

If our analytic services were gym memberships, our dedicated advisors would be personal trainers. They are data analysts, tool experts, networking facilitators and performance improvement champions — with you from day one to help you get the most out of your investment.

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