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Policy research, analytics and consulting

For decades, The Lewin Group (Lewin), part of OptumServe, has partnered with multiple U.S. government agencies whose missions are to improve the health of citizens, the military and Veterans.

For example, in a recent study, Lewin deteremined the Department of Defense (DoD) spent an estimated:

  • $6.2 billion on medical care associated with tobacco use and exposure
  • $3.2 billion on medical care associated with excess weight
  • $1.3 billion on medical care associated with drinking too much alcohol

Additionally, the DoD incurs $347 million per year in non-medical costs associated with these three behaviors due to:

  • Absenteeism
  • Reduced work performance
  • Alcohol-related arrests
  • Early separation from the military

The DoD used these findings to develop the business case for population health initiatives, which they are now implementing.

Lewin also supports the DoD and VA by producing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. These guidelines help clinicians evaluate, treat, and manage the individual needs of Veterans, Services Members, and their beneficiaries for specific clinical conditions.

Lewin has completed 17 guidelines to date, with four additional guidelines in development on chronic disease, mental health, pain, rehabilitation and women’s health. The guidelines are the foundation for care accountability and facilitate learning and medical research.

In addition, Lewin is under contract with the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC), the traumatic brain injury (TBI) center of excellence for the DHA, to help improve the health and quality of care for Service Members and Veterans with brain injuries.

Lewin's work is focused on conducting literature reviews and synthesizing the current evidence-based TBI research. Lewin also facilitates work groups focused on seven TBI sub-topics including acute concussion, biomarkers, rehabilitation and long-term effects of TBI.


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