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Male 1:           I think the top health care issue we'll be looking at in 2016 is how we, as a system, measure success. We need a consistent set of measures that are accurate and that are easy to implement and measure, so that we can give everybody the same read on how we're doing and transparency, so that we're all speaking the same language and improving together.

Female 1:      I'd actually point to two big transformations that I see in health care and one is what I call the rise of the consumer or the consumerization of health care. And then the second is bringing technology that those consumers are used to to their health care experience.

Male 2:           And so, I think you're going to continue to see in 2016 a lot more of the services needed to help individuals make decisions about their health care, whether it be around the cost of the drugs they might need to the procedures that may improve their live like a knee or a hip replacement.

Female 2:      The next challenge for health care leaders over the next year, year-and-a-half, I would say continuing to be able to provide the care for all the new patients that have come in under the Affordable Care Act. And so, it's looking at how do we deliver this care in a way that we can do what needs to be done for the patient with the money that's available to do it. And I think that's the struggle and that's part of what we have to figure out and get right, so that we can help keep this going forward to be able to provide care for everybody. 

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What's next?


The health care system is one of constant evolution. In an industry as large and influential to the lives of everyone, looking ahead to what’s next is essential.

It’s how we keep innovating and progressing for the well-being of patients nationwide. From the “consumerization” of the system to improved technology, health care experts at Optum are expecting positive transformations in the year ahead.



Sanji Fernando, Vice President of Innovation at OptumLabs, sees the changes as interconnected.

He says, “We’re recognizing how important data is in making decisions. We have lots of different types of data in the health care system, and all of that can weave a very rich story about what type of care you’re getting and what might be the best care for you going forward.”

The consumer is becoming way more aware of what their options are, what the cost is, what accessibility should be and what the quality of their physicians are.

– Lynne Stockstad, Chief Marketing Officer
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On Point Video Series

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