What's next?

The health care system is one of constant evolution. In an industry as large and influential to the lives of everyone, looking ahead to what’s next is essential.

It’s how we keep innovating and progressing for the well-being of patients nationwide. From the “consumerization” of the system to improved technology, health care experts at Optum are expecting positive transformations in the year ahead.


Sanji Fernando, Vice President of Innovation at OptumLabs, sees the changes as interconnected.

He says, “We’re recognizing how important data is in making decisions. We have lots of different types of data in the health care system, and all of that can weave a very rich story about what type of care you’re getting and what might be the best care for you going forward.”

The consumer is becoming way more aware of what their options are, what the cost is, what accessibility should be and what the quality of their physicians are.

– Lynne Stockstad, Chief Marketing Officer

Optum On Point is a new series featuring industry experts discussing a variety of topics that will help share the future and make healthier happen. For everyone.