Let's Talk: State of Payment Integrity

Leadership perspective on where health care is heading

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Robert Mayer: The biggest challenge I see in health care today is modernizing the infrastructure of a lot of the different entities that are involved in health care today. When you go out and work with health plans and providers and life sciences groups, and you see the disparate systems, the disparate technologies, the outdated technologies, and then yet the ability for other competitors and other industries to solve the same challenges, it's night and day different. Figuring out a common way to talk and work together through technology is probably the biggest challenge I see in health care today.

What gives me hope are companies like Optum. Optum is a unique company [unintelligible 00:01:01] that they have assets in all the different spaces of health care. There's no other competitor or vendor in this market or even consulting company in this market that has the assets and breadth of operations that Optum does. If there's anyone who's going to figure out how to fix healthcare and make it better by looking at all aspects of health care, it's going to be a company like Optum.

The way we can solve these challenges together with partner clients and others is really getting together and really being collaborative. There's no short way around it other than elbow grease and whiteboarding. I think that's the biggest thing that everyone looks for, is a silver bullet. I think from politics to the industry, people always want the quick answer. I think that's not going to happen here. It's going to be a collaborative effort with health plans and payers and providers and life sciences getting in a room with companies like Optum and talking real about what challenges they're facing in their industry and how we can help them do that.

I think Optum being open minded and listening, but also bringing some of the assets that we have to bear will allow some of those barriers be broken down and us to start solving more problems for our clients than we already do today.

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Paving the way for payment integrity success

Rob Mayer, vice president, product strategy, Optum, discusses challenges that health care executives are facing with payment integrity. He talks about what needs to be done to overcome these hurdles, and how to lead your organization to success.