Preparing for a major technology change


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Preparing for a major technology change: Nine activities to help achieve success

Eventually, every payer needs to evaluate their technology assets. The health care landscape continues to evolve, and it’s more competitive now that consumers have become increasingly  involved in their health care decision-making.

When current processes and systems are no longer meeting your business objectives, a major technology change can be the solution. Whether that change is in the form of a focused effort or a complex consolidation really depends on your needs.

Regardless of your reasons or strategy, any technology change you undertake will provide valuable benefits. You’ll have increased scalability that will help you grow and diversify your products, expand memberships and add clients.

Operations will become more cost effective, which will help you stay competitive, reduce costly manual workarounds, and lessen the need to maintain customized solutions. Technology change also increases flexibility, which will help support new business models, reduce time to implement change, and differentiate you from competitors.

Consider the risks

The largest risk to implementing a technology change is that your members and providers may encounter issues during the transition. It will be important that you have an action plan to resolve anything that arises. You’ll also want to plan and prepare for the disruptions that a technology change can create for people and processes across your organization.

Nine activities for technology change success

Once you decide to go forward with your technology change, there are nine proven readiness activities to help you achieve success. These nine activities are mutually exclusive, do not need to performed in any certain order, and can be done at any point in the process.

To learn what these nine activities are, as well as gain deeper insight into the risks facing any technology change, please download, “Preparing for a major technology change: Nine activities to help achieve success.”