Optum Life Sciences Day 2018 recap video

See what you missed at this year's event.

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Attendee: I think it’s awesome. Kind of giving you an overview of how I think Optum can kind of help play a critical role as a key partner for a lot of us in the life sciences industry.

Curt Medeiros: We really appreciate the privilege of serving you, and hope you have a wonderful day.

Attendee: Boy, a lot of energy.

Attendee: I think the sessions, the speakers have been on point.

Attendee: I love it. I love the way the sessions are planned out.

Attendee: We just came out of the session on the real-world evidence. Really insightful.

Attendee: Get real-world evidence!

Attendee: The machine learning.

Attendee: The predictive modeling.

Attendee: How I can use big data to really exemplify the story I want to tell.

Attendee: Basically, just the power of data.

Attendee: How we’re going to be able to use some of the technology to improve outcomes.

Attendee: And how pharma and United Health Group and Optum can work together.

Attendee: I think it builds the relationships.

Attendee: Understanding how we fit into the puzzle, basically.

Attendee: Areas of opportunity that we weren’t aware of.

Attendee: We all come away smarter.

Attendee: I really love the dialogue that that’s been taking place.

Attendee: We get some of the best ideas just from talking.

Attendee: I think the main thing is that we’re all learning how to do this, and we need each other.

Attendee: Hear examples of how other organizations have been successful.

Attendee: And just kind of learning from it.

Attendee: In healthcare today, it’s a very complex environment and collaboration is the key. And I don’t think any one of us can go it alone.

Attendee: Lots of evidence that we need to do things differently.

Attendee: As we look to make the healthcare system work better for everyone, right, we need all the different stakeholders. And I think this type of forum gives us a platform to do that.

Attendee: In trying to help solve something as large a conundrum as healthcare is, you need to bring people together.

Attendee: Targeted and purposeful.

Attendee: It has been an amazing day.

Attendee: I will say today’s sessions has been the best investment of my time.

Attendee: I think it’s forward thinking of Optum, and I look forward to more opportunities in the future.


Address challenges and find opportunities

Optum® Life Sciences Day brought together representatives from 58 pharmaceutical companies, biotech, health technology developers and providers with leadership from UnitedHealthcare and Optum to discuss challenges impacting the health care industry today.