Leading change in health care

Every day we are making progress toward a healthier world. But to achieve a healthier world, we must create a health care system that is healthy.

An entire health care system can’t change on its own. It takes forward thinking, holistic initiatives, innovative programs, and new ideas that come from leaders who have fresh perspectives, a willingness to think differently and a dedication to putting people first.

Dave Dickinson, Chief Innovation Officer of OptumLabs, recently spoke about leading change here at Optum, saying,

“When you think about [our] people and their knowledge of the health care system — of providers, patients, payers, the government, nonprofits — all those voices being in one place at one time, focusing on one problem, it’s without precedent, really.”

Optum and its partners are collaborating to transform the health care experience for all parties involved.


Changing health care is going to take a lot of courage.

– Dave Dickinson, Chief Innovation Officer, Optum Labs

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