Gartner actions to improve payment integrity

According to Gartner, “U.S. healthcare payer CIOs must attack root causes to improve payment integrity.”


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What payment integrity changes must payers take to improve performance and uncover radical savings opportunities?

This newsletter features a podcast conversation exploring why a payment integrity strategy shift is necessary to yield previously unrealized savings opportunities.

Optum payment integrity experts Robert Mayer and Dr. Alex Barclay discuss the importance of mature payment integrity. They also describe the benefits for plans when they mature their model.

You'll learn how a large health plan saved millions by utilizing the Optum® Pre-Payment Review  Solution. It's steeped in our industry-wide experience, medical expertise and cutting-edge technology and analytics.

Also included is the payment integrity research from Gartner, "Healthcare Payer CIOs, Look in the Mirror to Improve Payment Integrity."

Download the newsletter to see recommendations from Gartner and the savings possible with a mature payment integrity strategy.

Gartner: Healthcare Payer CIOs, Look in the Mirror to Improve Payment Integrity, Mandi Bishop, 05 September 2018

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