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In a national survey, 94% of health care executives agreed that AI-enabled capabilities are the most reliable path toward equitable, accessible and affordable care.*

If we believe AI will change the future of health care, what does this really mean? It's time to paint the vision of the future.

Watch two recognized AI leaders from health care and tech join forces for a very different AI in health care conversation. Maurice Conti, an innovator, “benevolent mad scientist” and chief innovation officer at Alpha, and Kerrie Holley, technologist and Optum® technical fellow, dispel myths and provide true insight into the current and future impact of AI-enabled capabilities in health care. Dive into a less technical, more practical conversation to explore:

  • Practical uses of AI having the largest impact in our industry today
  • Considerations for your organization in implementing an AI strategy
  • What the Augmented Age is, and its potential impact on health care organizations and an individual's health
  • Lessons learned from other industries that translate to solutions for health care
  • Perspectives on future data science roles in health care

*OptumIQ Annual Survey on AI in Health Care, 2018

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Featured speakers


Maurice Conti

AI Visionary and Innovator; Chief Innovation Officer, Telefónica’s Alpha

Maurice’s work focuses on applied machine learning, advanced robotics, augmented and virtual realities.


Kerrie Holley

Technical Fellow, Optum Technology

Kerrie uses technology to help make people’s lives healthier and to help make the health system work better for everyone.


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