How can real-world data help companies grow market share?

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Steve Davis:            

What's unique about Optum Life Science's EHR data is that it's probably the most robust capture of the entire patient's experience throughout the health care continuum and it also spans the spectrum of care from the office-based care to the hospital and then back out.


Curt Medeiros:        

So, this data provides really new and differentiated value in terms of the visibility into the clinical profile of the patient and their interactions with their physician on a day-to-day basis. It also allows us to see broadly across the entire health care system.


David Dore:             

One of the things that surprised me when I started working with the electronic health records data was the richness of the natural language processing data. We have over one billion notes that contain information that the physician or provider thought was relevant at the point of care and using computer methods, we can extract that information and the context necessary to interpret those data and make the data usable in research.


Steve Clark:             

When we look at the data, we can provide true insights in what's going on with the patient, understand the patient pathway, and the resulting outcomes. We can then translate that with our clients into actions that they can take in clinical development, in access, in pricing, and in commercial go-to-market strategies that are going to benefit the patient and the provider as they bring information to the market.


Curt Medeiros:        

We can bring the expertise of the broader United Health Group and Optum earlier in the process to get early feedback and really shape what you're aiming for in your development plans, as well as your commercialization strategy.


Brian Solow:            

As a physician who's practiced for over 30 years and has been in the pharmacy benefit management world, now in the Optum Life Science world, this data provides the ability to really improve patient care, to make patient's lives healthier. It's nothing less than transforming the health care system.


Margaret Good:       

In order for our clients to be successful in this new pay-for-value paradigm, they need to understand where their medication does the most good in a given patient population. Then they need to understand what strategies, what levers can they pull to really maximize those benefits.


Curt Medeiros:        

What we've done by bringing together the electronic health record data is really enabled our clients to have a much more detailed view of the clinical profile of their patients and a view of the interaction between the physician and patient at the moment of prescription. It's a really important understanding, so that way, our clients can better target their sales, marketing, and their clinical differentiation with all stakeholders in the market place.


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