Supporting employees during a time of global crisis

Access timely, research-based insights from our new consumer survey to inform your employee well-being strategy. 


Key insights: Returning to the worksite

In a new video, Chief Health Officer, Seth Serxner, surfaces key insights from our consumer sentiment tracking study and discusses how these findings can help employers (and employees) through a time of transition. 

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Comparative insights: Productivity

Explore how employee reported productivity levels have shifted from March to April, and what those results may mean for businesses as they prepare their employees to pivot to a return-to-worksite mindset.


Comparative insights: Dimensions of Well-being

Optum® first surveyed consumers in March to better understand how they were being impacted. Now we’ve circled back to see how their perceptions have evolved one month later as the health crisis continues to unfold. 



Safely return employees back to the worksite. Ease employees' concern with a structured strategy. 

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Productivity insights

New research findings reveal a clear correlation between employer support during this time of uncertainty and productivity levels at work.  


Well-being insights

To understand how work/life changes have impacted consumers during the global health crisis, Optum researched well-being indicators across gender, age, geographic region and industry. 


Industry insights 

Optum researched services offered by employers in seven key industries. We aligned workplace policies and supportive services during a global pandemic across four categories to understand how employees are perceiving recent changes to these offerings.


Consumer insights 

To help guide employer workforce strategies during this rapidly evolving health crisis, Optum® researched how employee well-being, productivity, work arrangements and workplace policies are being impacted. 

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