EHR: Revealing the “why” behind market performance


Posted November 2nd, 2015


Man facing away with arms on hips standing in the middle of a command center

Understanding how your drug is performing in the marketplace can be easy enough, given the ability to track sales figures, written prescriptions and adherence rates. But traditional data sources can’t shed light on a critical facet of market intelligence — explaining the “why” behind the decisions of those prescribing and using your drug.

Electronic health records (EHRs) have become a tremendous tool in helping stakeholders, including pharma companies, more fully understand the thinking that goes into treating patients. With their combined real-time clinical data and claims information, EHRs are the one true source of aggregated point-of-care data.

Today, life sciences companies are finding the answers to “why” through the real-world data found in EHRs. This insight is helping to better inform strategic decisions and identify new market opportunities.

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