From data diffusion to in-depth insights

Four-part series explores enterprise-wide data strategy.


Enterprise data strategy in the quantum age

In the first article of a four-part series, Sameer Siraj defines the strategy and supporting technology to move from data islands to big data. Siraj is vice president of product management for Optum® Health Care Technology as a Service.

Just a few questions answered by Optum:

  • How will a holistic approach to data management change the health plan paradigm?
  • Why now? Why the urgency to select a partner for your enterprise data platform?
  • What are the pillars of design to move from siloed to compiled data governance?

Who has a stake in the data shift journey?

In the second article of our four-part series, Zahoor Elahi discusses the “who.” Who are the key leaders that should be involved in the enterprise-wide shift? Zahoor is senior vice president of strategic product management at Optum.

Just a few questions answered by Optum:

  • What is the role of an enterprise data platform (EDP) in building a holistic approach to health care?
  • What roles do health plan leaders play in moving from legacy to modern data and analytics systems?
  • How does an enterprise data platform rank in the CIO’s list of priorities?

Use cases for the enterprise data platform 

Sameer Siraj returns for the third of our four-part article series.He describes how an EDP combined with machine learning and analytics supports contextualization. Sameer, VP of strategic product management, also describes other near-term business use cases.

Just a few topics covered by Optum:

  • A scenario in which contextualization will help to personalize and optimize care
  • The potential of EDP to reduce costs
  • Near-term applications for EDP and enterprise-wide analytics to help build a business case

Move data to the cloud for powerful analytics

In the final article of our four-part series, Francois Charette, senior vice president of product engineering, suggests it's time to shift data to the cloud. He also explains why cloud technology enables payers to overcome legacy silos and become care orchestrators.

Just a few questions answered by Optum:

  • Is an enterprise data platform the foundation for analytics?
  • How does the CIO justify the cost of an EDP?
  • What are the key attributes the CIO should seek in achieving a digital transformation?
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