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Consumer-centric care


The health care model is changing, and for consumers, that’s good news. If the old model of care was “doctor knows best,” the new model is “consumers know best.”

It’s a model that encourages consumers to do their research and empowers them to get second opinions and even suggest alternative treatments.

“Every other business in America takes the perspective that the consumer is the expert, they know what they want, now how are we going to help them do that?” says William Bonfield, Senior National Medical Director at Optum.

“The health care system has to be presented as a tool in service of what’s important and valuable to the consumer. That’s a consumer-centric health care system.”

Putting consumers first is a total paradigm shift in health care, one that we’re very excited about at Optum.


When coupled with the revolution in wearable technology, consumer-centric health care gives doctors a window into consumer behavior — and therefore a window into prevention —they didn’t have before.

In so doing, doctors have an unprecedented opportunity to dramatically transform health outcomes for the better.

“If you have an app that alerts a patient that every time they eat bacon or skip the gym they raise their risk of cardiovascular disease, the consequences of their decisions are going to become more tangible to them,” says Hyran Godinho, Optum’s chief medical officer for Latin America.

At Optum, we see our role as helping bridge the divide by empowering consumers to take charge of their own health and by helping providers find strategies to meet consumers’ changing expectations.

The most powerful change factor right now is the power of the consumer.

– Dee Grein, VP Corporate Strategy, Optum
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